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It that time of year when employers are likely to host holiday events. For many employers, these year-end parties are a way of saying “thank you” to their employees. They also provide an opportunity for team building and strengthening collegiality.

Day Three Ride Around the Lake 1

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On behalf of Platinum Books – Greg Libbrecht has been involved as a cyclist and donator to Habitat for Humanity since the bicycle ride began 10 years ago – this is a fantastic cause, a great group of riders, ride support volunteers and staff at Habitat for Humanity.

The first transfer of Canadian banking information to the Internal Revenue Service was completed September 30. That was the result of a September 16 appeal in which Honourable Mr.Justice Martineau of the Canadian Federal Court in Vancouver ruled that the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) legislation is both legal under Canadian law and not inconsistent with the U.S./Canada Tax Treaty. Therefore injunctive relief was not provided and the implementation of the information transfer went ahead.

Your support team at Platinum Books has the changes covered for all the people we complete GST returns for – but if you are someone who does their own please check out this link and should you have any questions do not hesitate to call us for help.


This will be Justin Trudeau’s first term as Prime Minister.LThe party’s election platform was fairly detailed, and with a majority government the Liberals have been given a mandate to implement those proposals.

A macro-economic perspective include: Ramping up spending more than revenues, and thereby allowing the budget to run a deficit peaking at roughly 0.5% of GDP for two years (just under $10 bn) with a balance by 2019/20, as opposed to the balanced budget plan of the outgoing Conservatives.

The Knowledge Bureau Network recently conducted a poll asking “Should the federal government reconsider postponing the receipt of Old Age Security (OAS) from age 65 to age 67, scheduled to start in April of 2023? This affects those born in 1958 and later.”

Over 400 people voted and results were very close! 50.86% voted yes to reverse the two-year postponement and 49.14% said no. This may all be a result of the large amount of boomers that are going to be retiring in the coming years and a $109 billion price tag by 2040 compared to the $46 billion today.

The General minimum wage in Maniotba will increase to $11.00 per hour as of October 1, 2015.

Other Minimum Wage Increases in 2015:

On September 15, the minimum wage in British Columbia will increase to $10.45. The minimum wage for liquor servers will increase to $9.20.

On October 1, the minimum wage in Alberta will increase to $11.20. The minimum wage for liquor servers will increase to $10.70.

On October 1, the minimum wage in Ontario will increase to $11.25. The minimum wage for students will increase to $10.55. The minimum wage for liquor servers will increase to $9.80. Posted in Bookkeeping, Platinum Books, Economy | Tagged bookkeeping tips, Platinum books in the community, Manitoba, minimum wage, money, Payroll, wage.